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Beautiful Minnesota


Despite how much this looks like a summer photo, this was taken not long ago. Minnesota: before the snow, still freezing, still beautiful. You can’t tell me you wouldn’t like to pull up a chair by a cozy fire and take in this view. Okay, maybe you can. But I don’t know why you would.

I’ve been trying to take more walks, mainly for health purposes, but also to just get out of the house. Of course I bring a camera. So be prepared for a ton of pics.


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A Memory of Winter

The edits on these came out faster than I expected. Primarily due to being very bored in class on Friday… I mean, no, I pay absolute and utmost attention in class 100% of the time!

I can’t decide which ones I like better, the originals or the edits. Thoughts?


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Good Morning, Snow

I was thrilled to find snow when I woke up the other morning, as I have been waiting since October for it. Naturally, I walked to school so I could take a million and six photos along the way. Since it was still pretty early, I was able to get some wonderful, winter-like dark blue contrast to the gorgeous, white snow that was falling. There was limited edits on these (a crop on one and adding a bit darker shadows to the last one), and I’m positive you will be seeing edits on these later. Suspense! Or as my dad would say, “Suspenders!”


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Winter Wonderland

I was going to try hold off on putting these up until tomorrow, but I just couldn’t help myself. I took these pictures on a hike in Tettegouche State Park along the Superior Hiking Trail north of Duluth, MN. A group of my classmates and I went for an adventurous hike on Memorial Day this year. And boy, was it filled with adventure and memories.

We didn’t get started on the hike until around 1300. If you are from the more northern parts of the world, you will immediately realize that the sun sets at around 1600 in January. That gave us three hours of sunlight, give or take, to complete an eight mile hike. Mid way through, we decided that instead of doing the full trail hike, we were just going to do a “lollipop” version of the trail. It was definitely a good thing we turned around because the temperatures quickly dropped into the low teen digits. This cut our eight miles into about five.

That is if we didn’t get lost.

I wouldn’t exactly say we were lost. I would say, though, that during the whole trip I was legitimately concerned that we would have to tap into our winter survival/nature skills. When we finally found a clear-cut path that lead us out of the woods, we definitely didn’t make it out where we wanted to. That means we had to do a little bit (lot) of guessing as to where we were versus the location of our vehicle.

Through all of the concern for my life and staying warm, I managed to sneak in a few photos. The first is just some of the woods we walked through. Pictures two and three are of Bean and Bear Lake. Proof that there is some elevation in the state of Minnesota. The last is of our hiking buddy, Kona, who resides comfortably with a classmate and his wife. She definitely kept us moving during the hike!


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Midnight Bus to Paradise

You will quickly find that a theme for my next several weeks of posts will be something like this: “I’m feeling particularly behind.” I may just start every post with that statement. This feeling is because we are currently in neurology, with class 0800 to 1700 frequently and weekly tests on Wednesdays. Our course director told us that we should be spending approximately two hours studying outside of class for every one hour of class. So, 8 hours of lecture plus 16 hours of studying puts me at about 24 hours of material for the day. Lovely life. Anyways, that rambling means that you will likely be seeing more pictures from me since they are quick and easy. And hopefully not too terrible to look at, either.

These photos are at the bus stop the other night. You wouldn’t think that the last bus running would have only one person on it, would you? I would. I was a little misleading in my title, as it was definitely later than midnight when I caught the bus home. But for some reason it just sounds so much better to say midnight than 0200. Roll with it, ladies and gents.

Not a soul in sight.

A (snowless) chilly winter night.

Take a look up at the lines and the light.

 P.S. I am not much of a photographer. I’m even less of a photo-editor, probably because I am limited to the free version of Picasa. But I try, and I’ll be trying even harder for you all.


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