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Home On The Range


I think I am on a Yellowstone kick. I forgot how many lovely pictures I took my time there, and am just as excited today to go through them as I was when I first went through my camera.

I’m pretty darn positive this big guy was just waiting for me to take his picture. I could almost see the postcard frame around him and the Yellowstone National Park written in the corner.

I’m lucky to have gotten the snapshot before my near-death experience. You see, going up this side of Yellowstone there are little mountains, which means that you not only are going up and down nice gradient slopes but you also have a wall of hillside over your head to one side of the car and a drop off on the other. My friend was already being quite a tense driver for this reason, as she had never driven in the mountains. Me, being the tourist, am excited for the view and not worried at all about the drive. That’s when all-of-the-sudden-out-of-nowhere this HUGE bull moose comes bolting down the steep slope from above our car onto the road right in front of us. It saw us just as fast as we saw it; we slammed on our brakes just as he slammed on his. Luckily for us, he had enough momentum to carry him down the drop off on the other side and she had excellent reflexes in combination with good enough brakes to stop on a dime. Still, less than 12 inches away is far too close to be next to a giant moose. To add to our fear induced scream, neither of us were wearing seatbelts due to our extremely painful sunburn we acquired the first 12 hours of direct sunlight walking through the park. Let me tell you, we more than happily buckled up after we stopped screaming.

That wasn’t a story I called home to mom about, either. She got to see all the lovely Yellowstone pictures without having to worry about the disappearance of her daughter.


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Foggy Mornings

I’m positive I have told you all before that I love fog. It isn’t only because the smell of it, but also there is so much mystery and peace and stuff hidden all over in it. I can honestly say it is my favourite time to go for a nice long run.

Anyway, this is a pic taken from a foggy morning up in Yellowstone National Park. I love it, and have to say the second time I went to YNP and there wasn’t fog, I was slightly (very) disappointed.



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Sand and Sunshine

I have to apologize for being so spotty with posts the past two weeks. I did have the best intentions, but life somehow got into the way. The good news is that my grandma is home from the hospital after residing there for months.

And now for a photo brigade from the trip. This is where I got to spend a few hours (more than plenty of time to get a perfectly wonderful sunburn, despite three layers of SPF 50…) of my 24 hours in Florida. Trust me, I had tourist written all over me:  my camera was going off at every little object, I had a gorgeous tomato red sunburn, my Minnesota accent stuck out in the middle of the south…

**GIRLY ALERT** I did walk out of Florida with a cool new pair of DKNY sunglasses, bright purple skinny leg jeans (that I might show an outfit sometime later), an assortment of stuff from Forever21, and a bunch of new Victoria’s Secret supplies. I honestly didn’t mean to spend that much. They trapped me, forcing me to expand my closet. They will do that, you know.

After the short Florida stay, we were on our way at 06:00 back towards the lovely Minnesota. I have to admit I slept all but a half hour that my sister drove. I felt bad, however, she didn’t seem to mind. Five hours after starting out, just shy from Birmingham, AL, our engine started smelling hot despite the meter telling us it was normal temperature. We did the grown up thing and stopped at the next gas station we saw where some very nice gentlemen highly recommended we go visit a mechanic. Naturally, this lead to a several hundred-dollar bill and put us several hours behind our schedule. So much for being able to stop in Nashville, TN. Bummer.

We made it just short of Indianapolis, IN by night one, and decided we didn’t want to make it through the city. We saw housing signs on the next exit, perfectly placed for us. Sadly, the first place was full to the brim. Easy fix, just go to the second and only other place listed on the sign. We walked in to find mannequins in the entry. We must have been too tired to be terribly creeped out. A clue as to the environment of this place: a two queen sized bed room was only $39 for the night. True story. There was an ambiguous stain on the seat of one of the chairs in the room. There was dried toothpaste in the sink. The playboy channel was free. I am concerned this is the place is where hookers go to die.

But we made it out alive, and, as far as I can tell, well and disease free.

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Lucky Find

To be honest, these two beauties are the real reason that I ended up with the poor, dilapidated little house picture I posted yesterday. My sister even suggested we stop. Whoa. But you can see why. I was afraid they were going to fly away before we could turn around, however, they didn’t even get scared when I creeped up next to them. Lovely life.


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