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Guilt. Coffee. Insane.


Every time I check my E-mail to find a new follower or a like from a tried and true follower, I’m ridden with guilt. I’ve been so busy I’ve resorted to such large amounts of caffeine to stay awake that I could probably be admitted to an addiction center. Or maybe I could be admitted straight to the psych ward because I’m so crazy busy. When I disappear, harass me. The guilt will bring me back. I’ll grab another cup of coffee, and actually have a few minutes to enjoy it while creating something that doesn’t require full brain power. It sounds… relaxing.

Cheers to trying to take a few minutes to post something more frequently.


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Walks and Talks


Take a walk with me. If you hold my hand, I will hold my breath. Shh, don’t say a word, or you may wake me from this dream.

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Cheers to the Freakin’ Weekend

Happy weekend, y’all! Here’s a glimpse into my weekend in case you were curious. I think the appropriate reaction would be jealousy…

But in a positive note, I got free Papa John’s pizza, a 2 litre coke, Bath & Bodyworks lotion, and Chapstick yesterday! I am exaggerating, I paid $0.08 for all of that. Plus I got a new set of colored markers, which greatly helped my diagram below. Perfect.


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Home Sweet Home

I decided it was time for another wonderful Flickr find, and I spotted just the guy to show off. His work makes me all nostalgic and reminds me of home. It also kind of makes me feel guilty that I didn’t make it home for Thanksgiving. C’est la vie.

Anyways, enjoy!

(Sorry the images aren’t more view-able, but he super secures them with magic and minotaurs and shiz. Check out his page though. I double dog dare you.)

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