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Wants and Needs

I can’t give you everything I want to; but that’s okay, because you can’t give me everything I need.

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My Heroes Have Always Killed Cowboys

My mind has just been blown. Well not really, but exponentially expanded. I am a product of a farming family in a predominately (98%) white community, I am about as rural American as they get. Or so I thought. Several schools, especially the one I currently attend, are focused on graduating rural and Native American populations.

Today in class, we were directed toward a website of a talented photographer, Aaron Huey, focusing on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Sadly, I was only able to find two photos that I could post on here. Bummer! The one that struck me most was the one of graffiti stating, “my heroes have always killed cowboys,” which you can find on his website. I had always idolized John Wayne, and played cowboys and indians in the same context as cops and robbers. It had never been mentioned that there are heroes on the opposite team.

Whether or not you are interested in the individual, community, and social issues that undermine this population, you can surely fall in love with the photographs Mr. Huey captured there.

P.S. I double dog dare you to look into all the issues that the Pine Ridge Reservation. Plus I, Kristin, will personally mail you a gold star if you become active in your community to promote some changes for similar issues! No lies, you will get that gold star delivered to you by your lovely mailman/woman, from me.


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I Love Love People

I’d like to think that I have a little artist living inside me despite being all scientific and analytic and shiz. I’ll give partial credit to my lovely mother for that mini being, as she is a part time artist. (I’ll definitely show ya’ll some of her work later! I find it quite fantastic.) Anyways, I find that the little artist living in me is quite attracted to people, especially their faces.

I won’t openly admit to exactly how I ran across this Flickr page, however, I will admit to a mild amount of Facebook creeping to get there. (It isn’t too creepy when you kind of know one of the people, right?) I digress.

Needless to say, I am still in love with his work. Even more so, I am in love with people, and he does an incredible job portraying these beautiful people. And I, naturally, had to share. I’m a kind person sometimes, huh?

I’ve linked you to one of his projects, but please do look through all of his photographs. Some of his scenes are gorgeous. The “make you want to move to freaking frozen Canada” kind of gorgeous. Plus he snuck in a few quick pics of my hometown, too, which probably increases my liking of him.

Oh, and you are welcome for the early Christmas gift. No need to thank me, but don’t expect much else this year because as you know (or will quickly figure out if you follow me), I happen to be a poor med student living on Monopoly money.

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