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Foggy Mornings

I’m positive I have told you all before that I love fog. It isn’t only because the smell of it, but also there is so much mystery and peace and stuff hidden all over in it. I can honestly say it is my favourite time to go for a nice long run.

Anyway, this is a pic taken from a foggy morning up in Yellowstone National Park. I love it, and have to say the second time I went to YNP and there wasn’t fog, I was slightly (very) disappointed.



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I have found that I quite like cardiology. I would like to think it is not all the little hearts I get to draw throughout my notes, but more how far common sense can make me sound like I know what I am talking about. The hearts truly do help, though.

Because of this, I have been able to breathe. I haven’t been losing hair at the normal “stressed out school rate.” I have found balance. Peace.

It is the type of peace that I haven’t found other than when I am hiking in nature or lying in my bed, my safety zone. The picture above was taken during one of those peaceful nature hikes I went on with my sister. I’m hoping I can make it back to this spot this fall when the leaves are just a bit more fall-like with the little bit of extra time this class is giving me. It’s a perfectly beautiful spot, and I’m hoping I can manage to sneak a few more pictures to share with you all.


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You know those days that the weather is kind of gloomy out, you are sick, and just plain bogged down by life? I hope you don’t. But in all reality, chances are you know exactly what I am talking about. Today happens to one of those days for me. Naturally, my mind wanders into far away places, creating much better scenarios I could possibly be in than the one I am now. That isn’t hard for me to do, you know. And it seems my mind keeps placing me in Montana, where I spent 10 weeks one gorgeous summer.

This is just one tinsy portion of why I love Montana so much. (I’ll be adding more pictures in later as I come across the files hidden deep in the depths of my computer.) This here is Pallisade Falls hiding up in Hyalite Canyon region. Right now, I just wish I could perch myself up in a crevice in the wall where I would just sit and listen to the roaring water droplets crumbling down the rocks. Peace.

Instead I’ll just pull up Aaron Espe‘s music and keep up this studying business. The torrid love affair of Immunology continues. Lovely life.



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