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Beautiful Minnesota


Despite how much this looks like a summer photo, this was taken not long ago. Minnesota: before the snow, still freezing, still beautiful. You can’t tell me you wouldn’t like to pull up a chair by a cozy fire and take in this view. Okay, maybe you can. But I don’t know why you would.

I’ve been trying to take more walks, mainly for health purposes, but also to just get out of the house. Of course I bring a camera. So be prepared for a ton of pics.


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Sunsets and Shorelines

The fellow pictured here is my Facebook hubby. I still don’t think he knows I captured this picture of him looking so stunning. I hope he doesn’t get mad when he finds out… I wish I could remember what he was pointing at.

I had all I could do not to break one of these icicles off and start eating it. They were just so clear and delicious and tempting looking.

Here I’m just looking back over the town along the shore. The colors were so wonderful as the sun set it almost looks over saturated. The silhouette of the bridge does happen to be the exact same bridge shown in an earlier post, in case you happened to be wondering.


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The Lake Effect

I am feeling particularly lazy today, as you would be able to tell if you saw my in my flannel plaid shirt, ripped jeans, and winter boots. (It is -7 F real feel today despite looking all sunny and lovely out…) Therefore, my laziness is showing on here. I did just go grab a second set of pictures from my hike back in January.  I’ll conveniently link the first set here, just in case you are in the mood for viewing photos today.

There were so many seagulls out that day! I had difficulty getting a picture without one of these buggers in it.

The lovely lighthouse, sitting out its perch on the pier. Oh, and more seagulls.

Even more seagulls, who seemed to enjoy sitting along the railings where people couldn’t bother them but could still swoop down and steal the food the people left for the mallards. Sneaky, they are.

I happened be down at the lakefront when a ship was going through, and the lift bridge was preparing for the whole ordeal.

The Philip R. Clarke exiting the canal, off to freedom. Well, kind of.

P.S. I didn’t have time/energy to photo edit any of these either. Again, I promise to learn my camera settings before I post the next set of photos.


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Shooting Mallards

I was lucky enough to find a gorgeous January afternoon to take a “hike” here in this wintery Minnesota, if you would like to call what we have this year as a winter. I’d like you to believe it was just for the exercise, but I can’t lie. It was to use my new camera. Fortunately for you, this means pictures.

There are a lot of things that I would do differently had I taken the time to open the user manual for the camera. Oops. But I’m hoping the quality will increase when I become more familiar with using it. So far, though, I am impressed considering the distance I was shooting from.


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