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Guilt. Coffee. Insane.


Every time I check my E-mail to find a new follower or a like from a tried and true follower, I’m ridden with guilt. I’ve been so busy I’ve resorted to such large amounts of caffeine to stay awake that I could probably be admitted to an addiction center. Or maybe I could be admitted straight to the psych ward because I’m so crazy busy. When I disappear, harass me. The guilt will bring me back. I’ll grab another cup of coffee, and actually have a few minutes to enjoy it while creating something that doesn’t require full brain power. It sounds… relaxing.

Cheers to trying to take a few minutes to post something more frequently.


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 Listen closely to the whispers

coming from within, below the surface

hauntingly real though no one’s there.

I try not to listen, no I don’t have the time.

But they have their home.

They are there to stay.

They’ve unpacked their bags

far out of reality. “Join me”, they say,

“this is the life!

We have no worries,

no cares or no strife!”

As the days drag on

I’m tempted to succumb

“Throw out that day planner!”

“Take of your clothes, boy,

then you’ll be free!”

“Travel the Earth”, “Feel the stars”

They chant; they whisper; they sing.


“Pardon me, Sir, those cuffs are cold.

Let me be, just doing what I’m told.”

“You have the right to remain silent.

You have the right to a lawyer, a trial in court.

Hope your friends can testify, it’s your last resort.”


Listen closely to the whispers

coming from without

through the soft, white covered walls.

It’s hauntingly distant, like someone’s there.

I’m free to listen. I’m lost in time.

I have my home.

I’m here to stay.

No bags to unpack

since they say I’ve┬álost reality.

I’ve joined them now

and this is my life.

I have no worries, no cares

or strife. I sure am living the life.

And as the days drag on

I chant. I whisper. I sing.


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