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Graffiti Graveyard

Welcome to Graffiti Graveyard.

If you were to find this mysterious place, you would have to tip-toe across a ledge, jump some rocks, and climb up a shotty kind-of-ladder, and jump the remainder of the 5′ wall. Then welcome to Graffiti Graveyard, a one mile stretch under the interstate covered in artwork ranging from obviously amateurs to pretty darn legit looking stuff.

Now, rumor has it that it is illegal to even visit this location. I’m not sure if this is fact or just college rumor, but I am guessing it is at least illegal to tag public property. I’m going to carry out the thought that it is I was rebellious and doing something highly illegal.

To be clear, I did not deface public property. Instead, my camera and I fell in love with all the gorgeous colors, thoughts, and designs. This is the first time I’ve explored my camera’s panoramic feature, and I have to say I am quite impressed with its simplicity.

Guaranteed, I will be back to get more pictures. Especially since the scenery is continually changing.


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Sneaky Peak

This weekend was a rebellious weekend, and I’ve added a sneak-y peak as to why. I don’t have much time today to stop and chat, so you will all have to just live with what you are given. Suspense, if you want to call it that.


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Detail Oriented

I’m still working on this whole macro photography thing. I feel like I could quite possibly, maybe come to like doing these sorts of photos. I find each picture to be a reminder of the delicate intricacies that sustains life, or on the other hand, the intricacies that are left after life has disappeared. Or I suppose the details in life we miss being so busy with “bigger, better” things.

The top photo is a branch of a full grown, papa tree reaching out to greet oncommers and the wind. The second is looking directly down upon a little guy reaching towards the sky where his papa stands tall. Next follows natures carpet, fighting to keep the world warm against the blustery winds, clear frozen solid water, and dusty snowflakes.

The last two are examples of battles fought and lost. Proving to be tiny examples of the destruction of harvesting, the remnants stand tall despite being crushed. A story of growth and prosperity, jealousy and battles of a stronger force, and the consequences of war. A story of life. A story of history. A story of the future.


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Love is for Sharing

I’m pumped. My lovely sister is employing her very artistic self to draw a masterpiece for my bedroom. I wish I knew who the original artist was for the picture, however, she just might remember if I had asked. Yesterday when I went over to visit, she was working on it a little. Not because I’m pressuring her or anything. She must really love me.

Now is the time I am going to sneak in a little pitch for her. She very recently started a blog, (enjoy her pictures but don’t mind her grammar) and I’m pretty envious of her blog name: campfirekissedcheeksandstargazedeyes. It fits her so perfectly. I wish I would have taken even just a bit of time to come up with something less generic. For those of you who are newer subscribers,  I grabbed my site name from Kurt Vonnegut‘s quote, “Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt.” I love Kurt Vonnegut. Well, that may be a lie, but I do love his books.

As a final thought for today, I realized I have over 100 followers. Whoa, I didn’t ever see that coming. And I guess I just wanted to send out some love to all of you, because, you know, love is for sharing.

In retrospect, that was very gushy emotional. Deal with it.


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Gaze Out, Miss

I would be lying if I said I took this picture, so I guess I will have to let you in on the secret. My sister took this while playing around with my camera at breakfast the other morning. I never would have thought to take a picture like this, however, love the end result. Stupid artists and their stupid natural talent. She took two pictures like this and I had to debate for quite a while which one I liked better. Props to her. + I’m glad I got such a talented little sister.


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I’m a Lover

“All you need is love.”

I don’t have anyone to be all sloshy-gooey about this Valentine’s Day, but I have something better. Well, if I’m going to be honest, even if I had myself a boy to be all lovey with, I wouldn’t throw it all over on here. Or anywhere really… This V-Day, I am going to share with you things that I love in my life. Starting with the Beatles, as the quote alludes to. They are just so perfect to listen to while studying.

My love, Dallas. He is kind of a crabby fellow, but nonetheless, I love him lots. 

This here is the driveway to home. It happens to be one of my favorite places to go now, even though at one point it was my favorite place to get away from.

These are my daily necklaces. The top is a “lucky penny” my mom stamped my name into. The second is a heart I found lying around, and decided it needed a permanent home. The third is a Norwegian Krone, you know, in order to honor my heritage. The last is my favorite: it is my adventure key. My grandma had a box of old keys, and I kifed it. (With her knowledge of course.) The old locks don’t have that many lock mechanisms, and I figure that some day it will lead me on an adventure. At this point, I know the key locks my bedroom door, my roommates bedroom door, our 2nd front door, and my hubby’s back door. Adventure, I’ll tell you.

The cup that sustains life. This is a cup that my mother’s business partner makes. It has two moose and one grizzly bear on it, and holds delicious teas, coffee, lattes, and even hot chocolate on the rare occasion. It sits by me all day, 5-7 days a week, keeping me hydrated and caffeinated.

My shoes! These are my favorite everyday shoes. They get me where I need to go. A secret? I keep a dime in my left watermelon shoe just in case I ever need a dime for some odd reason.

The last two pics are of my room. The top picture shows the official first piece of artwork I payed for. The artist is Julie Elick, and I have had the pleasure of meeting her. Underneath are clay hearts that I made and strung up: each stands for a member in my family. The second picture is part of my dresser. The candle holders are old irish cream bottles (thanks to my dad…), and the heart print I made for a project in a college course. I had to cut a print block that represented “courage.” This is the final product. The second  framed piece was a lovely note from my ex-roommate, and it just happened to go with the theme of my room, so I framed it. The Willow Tree figurine is from an ex-boyfriend, but it reminds me more of love than him.

I love love this. My grandma sent me this letter out of the blue not too long ago. Notice how she crossed out “birthday” and filled in “sailing?” Adorable. Then on top of that, she writes such a wonderfully positive note at the end.

There you have it. Those are just a few reasons why I’m in love with life. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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I decided, since I was procrastinating and all, to allow you to have the same opportunity. (Everyone knows the best form of distraction comes from another person…) My recommendation is to watch in multiple, short-lived breaks, but I suppose a marathon would be just as sufficient. Since I haven’t told you yet what to expect, yell “SURPRISE” as you click on the link. Of course it doesn’t matter where you are at the time of the said clicking. Just do it. I double dog dare you. It makes life exciting and spontaneous. Just what you were wanting for this fine Saturday.


Didja yell surprise?


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