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These thoughts are all the girly sighs followed closely by sobs. Well, kind of.

Fallen Castles

If I tell you nothing else, I want you to know this: I will love you until tomorrow. Today was hard. Today was not worth fighting for. Today I am broken down, exhausted, and falling down, as though someone grabbed my core and shook me until I was no more than cement ruins of the castle that once stood where I stand now. Tomorrow it may rain down on this once-was-castle, but I’ve always said I love the rain. I’ve always said I love you more than the rain. But rain falls and sunshine dries it up like the perfect antagonist would. Tomorrow may have rays of sun shine down like a spotlight on this once-was-castle, but I’ve always said I love the sun. And I’ve always said I love you more than the sun. But the sunshine is so easily blocked by the rumbling of black rain clouds, the perfect antagonist. You and I both know that today was a hard day. And though I may not love you today, I can promise you this: I will love you until tomorrow.


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Running in Circles

Here I am, full circle back to you. My bags packed, I left you. Reluctantly at first, but then I felt free to run. So I ran. I ran and I danced. I didn’t dance with you because, even though you knew you couldn’t dance and only kind of liked to dance, I didn’t like when you flailed about so helplessly. I’m not helpless, and I never was. I told you that. That is maybe why it was so easy to walk away. I found out that you walk a smaller circle than me. You made it back to remind me that I once said “I love you.” I reminded you that you once said you loved me, and at the same time reminded myself that was then. This is now. And now you tell me you still love me and you were stupid to let me go. I didn’t want to tell you, but I did anyway. I was walking in line with another, someone who was able dance. He made me smile like you made me smile. I sent you walking away, bags packed, out on another path. It took me too long to realize that his path wasn’t right. I found out he was good at focusing on us, our happiness, our dancing, our mirror lined tunnel. When I see light at the end of a tunnel, I think sun. Life has told me there will be sun at the end of a tunnel, so I ran and danced on, forward through his tunnel. One day, I heard a rumor there was no light. She told me she was in the tunnel, too, and there was no light at all. I didn’t believe it, so I looked hard. I looked so hard I saw there was no light. The light shone in from the opening of the tunnel, the path I came from. The path from you. I ran back, panicked, to see if you were still standing at the opening. And not surprisingly, you walked away. Now again, I felt free to run. I didn’t run quite so fast this time, being careful that I didn’t fall or disrupt someone else’s track. I’ve been running for a long time, and I feel like I’m getting tired. And here I am, full circle back to you. Have you come back around, too? And now its me telling you I still love you and I was stupid to let you go, even if you can’t dance.


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An illusory distraction

to your magic act.

a trick I’m not buying

for I know that poof of smoke

won’t make you vanish forever.

and that show girl

trapped in the glittery box

might as well be me

hoping the saw blade ‘s sharp

as you start hacking away.

Careful for the heart–

its needed for your next scene

where you turn colorful rags

into lovebirds flawlessly.

The gradneous applaud that ensues

is your cue to bow and disappear.

To me, you’re nothing more than illusory,

babe, to me

you’re nothing but illusory.

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I Need Me a Man

This is what I have decided: I need me a man. Well, kind of. I need a man that is more like my mother, without actually being anything like my mother. Trust me it makes sense.

Screw sammiches. Make me a steak.

I need me a man to cook me delicious food. He doesn’t need to be a chef or anything, but right now I am living off of left overs, bagels, energy drinks, and anything that can be made in less than 20  minutes. If I had a man, he could cook for me. Even better yet, if I had a man, he could do my dishes.  If there is one thing you should know about Kristin, it is that I passionately despise doing the dishes.

I need me a man to unclog the drains. This past weekend, some slimy, hairy, goo creature decided to sneak down into my shower and make a nest. I like to pride myself on not being grossed out by too much, but this was just obnoxious. I can handle emesis and feces, oozing abscesses, and cauterized flesh. That stuff is all in a day’s work. But give me stagnant water pooled with all kinds of scuz and fur in it? No thanks, Sam. I also like to pride myself on not being terribly stupid, so knowing that you aren’t supposed to use drain-o if you have cast iron pipes was a start. What I realized after was that when it says “safe on plastic and metal pipes,” it doesn’t actually count cast IRON as a metal. Luckily, no explosions or instant corrosion happened. Unluckily, drain-o was no match for the critter in my drain. The next step, I knew, was to get a snake. My best attempts were pure failure. I had to call up my “hubby” (don’t fret, I’ll explain later) to come eradicate this monster. Since he is a boy and manly and stuff, he was successful, and I now have a shower again!

I need me a man because massages are expensive. And, I need not remind you that a medical student like me is poor. So poor that I am living purely on Monopoly money– I mean student loans. You might also remember that I am in medical school (yeah, I did just say that for the first time ever out of no where just to surprise you) which is very stressful. I practically daydream about how wonderful a back massage would be.

I need me a man to calm my nerves before an exam. All he would have to do is step on my toes, give me a big mamma bear hug, and hold me tight. It’s actually a thing, I have no idea what it is called at this point, but for people with autism and panic attacks, it stimulates the vagus nerve and you magically become calm. Or so I’ve heard. Hypothetical Man will have to try this on me before I can confirm it.

Oh, and I need me a man to fix my car. It seems to be making this wretched grinding, thumping noise when I turn corners in either direction. Plus I already know I need new struts. See, I’m not a completely naive, stupid girl! I can change my own oil and tell what a few things are when they go wrong. Mechanics hate me for that, though. I go in to have my tire changed and they come out saying my air filter is dirty. Eff, no it isn’t. I promise you. I checked. My wiper fluid, transmission fluid, or oil low? I think not. Nice try though. My serpentine belt cracked? Okay, I’ll give you that one. (But you are going to have to prove it to me first.)

I need me a man so I actually shave my legs once and a while. When it gets to be all winter like and no one is going to see them anyways, it is sometimes (most of the times) hard to find motivation for this mundane task. Having a boy around would probably amplify my girliness, or at least make me feel more girly than I was feeling before. Either way…

It's cool. No really, it is.

I need me a man so I can say “Good morning sunshine” to more than my turtle in the mornings. Dallas might be jealous of Hypothetical Man, though. He is definitely the jealous, angry type. I’m glad he loves me! Being able to say those three words, “good morning sunshine,” wakes me up and helps me realize that it is, in fact, morning. It is, in fact, a good morning. It may also help put Hypothetical Man into a good mood for all the stuff he has to do for me that day. writes about my life.

In all reality, I’m joking about all of the above. I haven’t ever required a boy to do any of that stuff for me, nor could I ever see myself  batting my eyelashes to make him do these things he doesn’t want to do. Well, except for this “husband” I was talking about. Yes, I am Facebook married, which is obviously equal to being married in real life. It has been the running joke for a long time that my gay friend and I are the perfect couple, which all started when we would go grocery shopping together. Really, it was just me mooching off his Sam’s Club card. However, things of course progress. Hah, so last night I wanted someone to walk with me to the nearest food complex thinger, which is about ten miles away in the dark (a mile in the daylight). He, instead, picked me up in his car, drove me there, and dropped me back off at school. I thanked him, but he said, “Don’t thank me, you have to take the kids tonight!” He bloody well got me on that one.

More of my hubby's thing. No babies for me!

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My Rock (and the Water)

It is tough to be the solid foundation you are all looking for when all my supports are wasting away beneath me.


I’d hold you strong, babe, if I could, but I just can’t seem to balance on these stilts.


Must be something in the water ’round here because, boy, everyone is sick with the blues. Scratch that. Everyone is sick with the gloomy greys. They are much worse, I feel.


(Maybe when I have a life again, I will be able to expand on the numerous little snippets I have been leaving around like a wussy girl’s drama ridden Facebook status.)

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Knight in Shining Armor

The monsters hiding under my bed are far more scary than the ones hidden under yours. But then again, maybe it’s just because you hold me and protect me from them.

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Living on a Memory

Since I don’t really have much time, but would like to keep my blog site up and running, I decided to “steal” an idea I recently stumbled upon. Here is the site, and I will (hopefully) be doing my best to write one sentence about my life per day. Here’s day one.
I am afraid I should have loved you like you loved me, so we could both be happy together instead of being lonely apart.
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