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Be Yourself, Love


If you aren’t the person I dreamt you would be, you can still be you, and I will love you just the same.


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I Recommend Fun

I am procrastinating studying like a student properly should. The good news is, I made time to update this. The bad news is that I have had to re-arrange my study schedule to include more studying. Brilliant.

Aside from all that jazz, I made time for my first ever “race.” I ran The Colour Run 5K (Minnesota Race) this past weekend, and oh my goodness, there is a reason it is known as the Happiest 5K on the Planet. First off, there is no pressure to run the whole thing; it is not timed; there are no medals to be given. Secondly, is a 5K course that, at every kilometer, you run through this colour powder station to get all colourful. The first picture is a group of girls (that I don’t know) coming up to the first colour station: orange. The other stations were pink, yellow, and blue. By the end of the race, you are pretty colourful, but to top it off, they have a grand finale. We are each given our own little packages of colour powder that we throw at the same time, creating this rainbow of fun. The second picture is waiting for more runners to finish for the colour throw, and the last picture shows the very tail end of the finale. The third one is me being silly and documenting completing my first race. My last picture posted ( is what the ground we ran on looked like.

My pictures do it no justice. I do have excuses, but I will save them for myself. Google image it, but first be prepared to want to run a race. If that isn’t enough to convince you, watch this official¬†video! Still aren’t convinced? (Why aren’t you convinced?!?) Well, I am here to inform you that on top of having a blast, you will be supporting a local charity. The Minnesota Race sponsored Open Your Heart to the Hungry and Homeless.

Good cause, good exercise,¬†good people, good fun. A girl like me couldn’t ask for more.


(I didn’t post a lot of photos from the race because I’m not sure how my friends and friends-of-friends feel about being posted on here. Next time I get a chance, expect photos of me!)


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Busy, Busy Bee

I just wanted to drop a sneak peek into my weekend. I have been incredibly busy! When I get a spare moment, I will for sure share more pictures with you all.

Until then, enjoy the COLOUR!


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The View

I can no longer contain my excitement; I finally have to share. Here is another glance at where my life has taken me that, once again, calls for my return.

Welcome to the gorgeous view from Lewis and Clark Caverns in Montana. Stay a while and enjoy the view, why don’t you? I can’t imagine being explorers and accidentally stumbling across a breathtaking view like this. I can’t imagine wanting to move on to anywhere else.

(Sadly, I can’t find the original photo file in this computer, so you are going to have to deal with a Facebook copy until I have time to relocate the hard copy.)


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To Be Free

I think I’ll take my pain
and fly
fly away
far from here, neglect all tears
falling from my newly
Angelic face
not looking back to see
all my shortcomings
and if you saw me now
I’d be sitting on the top of the world
if you saw me now
I’d have escaped from my metal cage
holding me down
free now and I’m flying
higher than ever with
these rental wings
foolish of me to think just
even for a second
that i was meant for this world
meant for this hectic perspective
because now i know that
flying is for me
and I’ll pay the rent
for those loaner wings
just to be free
just to be free.

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