Love is for Sharing

09 May

I’m pumped. My lovely sister is employing her very artistic self to draw a masterpiece for my bedroom. I wish I knew who the original artist was for the picture, however, she just might remember if I had asked. Yesterday when I went over to visit, she was working on it a little. Not because I’m pressuring her or anything. She must really love me.

Now is the time I am going to sneak in a little pitch for her. She very recently started a blog, (enjoy her pictures but don’t mind her grammar) and I’m pretty envious of her blog name: campfirekissedcheeksandstargazedeyes. It fits her so perfectly. I wish I would have taken even just a bit of time to come up with something less generic. For those of you who are newer subscribers,  I grabbed my site name from Kurt Vonnegut‘s quote, “Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt.” I love Kurt Vonnegut. Well, that may be a lie, but I do love his books.

As a final thought for today, I realized I have over 100 followers. Whoa, I didn’t ever see that coming. And I guess I just wanted to send out some love to all of you, because, you know, love is for sharing.

In retrospect, that was very gushy emotional. Deal with it.


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3 responses to “Love is for Sharing

  1. littleoldsoul

    May 9, 2012 at 15:25

    Is my grammar really that bad?

  2. littleoldsoul

    May 14, 2012 at 08:20

    Reblogged this on campfirekissedcheeksandstargazedeyes and commented:
    I finished her drawing yesterday. I am going to start drawing things from my own photos so I can try to sell them and make a collection. (I hope) I will be taking a dip into a mixture of watercolour and micron pens next. Wish me luck!


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