Eagle’s Delight

13 Mar

DISCLAIMER: I promise you that I am not a bird lover, however, I do see where you might get that idea. (Seagulls, mallards, and now these pics in just over a month’s time with more to come?) I like to believe I just happen to be lucky to have such lovely subjects just chilling around waiting for me to make them famous.

Driving to my (real) home, I saw this guy perched so triumphantly that I just had to stop. (The first picture I posted yesterday was at this same location. I could tell you were curious!) I kind of spooked him after the first picture, though, and had to hurry and catch one more shot before he flew out of range. I got lucky. The shot I caught was nearly perfect but because of the distance, as you can see for yourself, there is a tad bit of blurring.

Here’s the thing… I can’t tell you what exactly it is. My first guess was either an immature bald eagle or a female bald eagle because of how much white appears to be peaking through on the head. However, when I showed a friend, she was thrilled that I captured a golden eagle so well. I see her point too, because the wing spread has a nice white patch and if I remember right, the head starts light and turns darker as it matures.

I am hinting at something, if you didn’t notice. But I think you did.


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2 responses to “Eagle’s Delight

  1. amberrocksawesome

    March 19, 2012 at 12:35

    What magnificent photos! I can’t believe how lucky you were to catch this bird in flight in a perfect position. I couldn’t even begin to guess what kind it is, my first thought would have been some kind of hawk, so you can see how little I really know about birds. However they are absolutely beautiful and I will never get tired of marveling at them! Thank you posting these photos!

    • Nothing hurt

      March 19, 2012 at 13:46

      Thanks so much! I can’t believe how lucky I was either. Like I said, it was the ONE shot I got of it flying, and it just happened to work out for me. I’m glad you are enjoying them!


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