My Top Ten Beats Letterman’s

09 Mar

Ten simple things I want to do when I grow up to change the community I live in:

1. Start/Host a book club.

2. Give presentations at grocery stores on how to read nutrition labels, what products are the healthier versions of the same food, and what foods are practical for everyone’s busy daily life.

3. Set up races (5K, 10K, etc) to promote physical activity, with proceeds going to providing gym memberships for others in the community.

4. Start a scholarship fund for both medical students and a high school student thinking of going to medical school eventually.

5. Find/Buy books to add to the local library collection.

6. Give a presentation to the high school students on reproductive health. I feel teachers dance around this topic or just exclude it from their teachings all together.

7. Start/Work in a community garden, donating my products to the local food shelf.

8. Either participate or open a free minute clinic for those who either cannot afford health insurance or health care.

9. Set up cooking classes in the community, where people rotate leading a session, in order to add quick healthy meals to people’s routines.

10. I would ideally love to have a second small house on my property that I could temporary rent out at a low prices to people who need a few months to get back on their feet.


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