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Break Me Down

I was hoping to do more of the “stop and take pictures along the road side” than what actually happened, however, I did convince my sister to stop a few times. I found this guy on my drive back home, here in Minnesota. I kind of felt bad for him, sitting there all alone and broken down, just waiting for the day he collapses. I told him I still loved him, took a quick pic, and went along my merry way.

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The Sun

The sun, the king of life
seems so gentle
on days like today
but screams harsh words
on days of tomorrow
And hides during the night

The sun, the teacher of life
seems to show secrets
on afternoons like today
in the depths of shadows
that soon stretch longer
as day fades away

The sun, the blanket of truth
seems to cover ideas
on days like today
and leaves anger
alone in nature
as tears drown the night


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Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors and dust collected piles

Stained with recollections of a time

I stood. I crawled. I moved at all.

I pictured myself stronger yesterday.

I envisioned a queen but maybe

I’m the patron saint of lost causes.

Maybe I’m the reason blood shed exists.

But maybe that was because of you.


I’ll hold my head high as the smoke

Rises to the heavens.

My head will fall beneath the soil

Amongst hardwood boards

And dirt piles they shovel.

Stained with recollections of a time

I stood. I crawled. I moved at all.

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It’s the Life.

I don’t know what it is about fire hydrants. They just sit there, looking all cool and shiz all day. This guy was just waiting for me to take his picture, as all fire hydrants do. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to visit him until after midnight, so his spotlight was a bit dim. He didn’t give a care though, as most fire hydrants wouldn’t, he just shone anyway. What a life.

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Don’t Be Bashful

I’m always amazed (and envious) of the people who have an eye for macro photography. Primarily, though, because I definitely do not have that sort of talent or magic or luck or whatever it is that gives them such gorgeous photos. I try sometimes, though. Here is my best attempt at capturing my fern plant all close up and personal. I think she is bashful and just doesn’t want her picture taken. Even if I get one almost-semi-decent photo out of the bunch, I’ll usually call it quits, curse the gods for making me so non-versatile, and then take a walk outside to snap a few pictures that actually turn out. (Maybe the true story version doesn’t go exactly like that. You will never know. Well, I suppose there are ways of finding out that sort of information, but I’m currently out of applications for the stalker position. Sorry, folks. Maybe next year.)
P.S. I just had to tell you guys that I have two blog page design plans drafted, and I’m working on deciding which one I want to implement. It may still take a while, but an upgrade is in order.


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Eagle’s Delight

DISCLAIMER: I promise you that I am not a bird lover, however, I do see where you might get that idea. (Seagulls, mallards, and now these pics in just over a month’s time with more to come?) I like to believe I just happen to be lucky to have such lovely subjects just chilling around waiting for me to make them famous.

Driving to my (real) home, I saw this guy perched so triumphantly that I just had to stop. (The first picture I posted yesterday was at this same location. I could tell you were curious!) I kind of spooked him after the first picture, though, and had to hurry and catch one more shot before he flew out of range. I got lucky. The shot I caught was nearly perfect but because of the distance, as you can see for yourself, there is a tad bit of blurring.

Here’s the thing… I can’t tell you what exactly it is. My first guess was either an immature bald eagle or a female bald eagle because of how much white appears to be peaking through on the head. However, when I showed a friend, she was thrilled that I captured a golden eagle so well. I see her point too, because the wing spread has a nice white patch and if I remember right, the head starts light and turns darker as it matures.

I am hinting at something, if you didn’t notice. But I think you did.


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A Long Way From Home

I happen to be one of those people who get anxious to make it to my destination during a trip, especially when the scenery becomes familiar. I can guess most of you relate. Unfortunately, when you take the same route a couple of times, the familiarity begins earlier and earlier (or the entire way). To break up the monotony and stretch my legs, I stopped and snapped a few pics. I am lucky enough to live in a beautiful part of the world, and one that doesn’t mind people stopping in the middle of the road to take a few photos… I took these two pictures at various stages during my drive home about a month ago. The best part about a long car drive is the different stages of the sun, and I was able to capture one from the morning, and just before the sun set. You can even see the sun sneaking a presence through the trees on the left.


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