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11 Jan

I have had a writer’s block lately. Let me expand on this: this little writers block is more like four stairs. I am standing at the bottom of these four stairs looking at them as though they are Mount Everest or at least Pikes Peak or something. And I am far from being in shape.

As a side note, I did make a New Year’s Resolution to make myself get in better shape. I, Kristin, am going to run 300 whole miles this year. But I happen to be two miles behind schedule right now and am dreading the run this afternoon…

My solution for this writer’s block? Write down my thoughts on certain (interesting) topics for the day. Gosh, I sure am a problem solver. Cheers to day one.

You want to know my thoughts on this idea? No? Oh. Well, pull up your big girl panties, wipe your tears and do what I say, “Read on.” You remember from my New Year post? Hitler, I am. Speaking of which!

Hilarious until you realize that Hitler spoke German. “Gas die Juden” sounds nothing like “glas saft.” I suppose it could, though, if you were deaf, and in that case, everything would sound just about the same.

My thoughts are that you will enjoy these posts. I also expect that I will be less than prompt at getting these brilliant thoughts up on time. I also expect that they will be far less brilliant than I what I think they are. Be sure to boo me off the stage if that is the case. I can take a hint! Most of the time, anyways.

On the plus side, I am in the process of having a better blog page designed. I’d lie and say I’m cool enough for hiring out to upgrade my blog, but in all reality, I’m lucky my sister went into graphic design. I think I’m going to walk away and leave this as the cliffhanger it is.

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