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Do You Love Me Yet?

Does it take putting glitter in my eyes for you to see them sparkle?

Would it take swallowing a lightbulb or drinking sun for my smile to light up the room?

Will chasing you make you run faster? Or will it just make your heart race?

When I plant a seed in your eye, how long does it take before the apple of your eye grows to be me?

If I told you, “Good morning sunshine,” would you glow for the rest of the day?

If I get lost in your eyes, will you give me a map with directions out or would you let me wander?

If I cover myself in sugar, will you think I’m sweet?

If I wore my heart on my sleeve, would you see it then?


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Strong Coats

The hard coated exterior you put on every morning is not nearly as beautiful as the heartfelt woman you hide underneath. Thanks for letting me see her today, even though I’m sorry the coat got so heavy you had to set it down for a while.

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I decided, since I was procrastinating and all, to allow you to have the same opportunity. (Everyone knows the best form of distraction comes from another person…) My recommendation is to watch in multiple, short-lived breaks, but I suppose a marathon would be just as sufficient. Since I haven’t told you yet what to expect, yell “SURPRISE” as you click on the link. Of course it doesn’t matter where you are at the time of the said clicking. Just do it. I double dog dare you. It makes life exciting and spontaneous. Just what you were wanting for this fine Saturday.


Didja yell surprise?


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Socially Awkward? Cool.

Since when did being socially awkward become socially acceptable?? And why on this lovely green earth wasn’t it all cool-like when I was growing up? I would have been the freaking coolest person in my class. I suppose my definition of socially acceptable has changed now, but what I see is this: 

Socially awkward penguin running around the internets and acting all popular and shiz. Most of the stuff on here I practiced on a daily basis before it was cool. You should see my face right now: it is dead serious. 

Glee. For real, when did something that is targeting the “geeky” kids get to be something that would get more than a few hundred people to watch? And “Big Bang Theory,” anyone? I’m pretty sure that the last thing that was targeted at this group of dorks was comic books. Yeah. COMIC BOOKS. What?? No cringing or stiffled giggles? Oh yeah, that’s right. Sorry for my forgetfulness. *The Dark Knight, Ironman, The Incredible Hulk, Spiderman, X-men, etc.* It became cool. 

I won’t need to mention Harry Potter (magic), Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Star Trek. (You see what I did right there? Sneeky, I am.) 

And those hipster glasses? Yeah, I got made fun of for having to wear something close to those things in elementary. Now people that don’t even have to be blind to be awesome. Whoa. Finally people are catching on that four eyes are better than two. 

Maybe the nerdiness is brought to be a cool thing by Hollywood. Will Farrell, John C. Reilly, Micheal Cera, John Heder, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogan… This list has significantly grown from the amount of odd-ball actors that were around, oh I don’t know, ten years ago. Hollywood and their schemes; they are always scheming. They have this elaborate plan to show us that you don’t have to be beautiful and skinny and stupid to be famous. Blasphemy! Everyone knows that if you aren’t drop dead gorgeous and skinny, you can’t be famous! There is no ugly in Hollywood! Hollywood is where dreams are made! … Isn’t that amusing. It has gotten to be that anyone’s dreams can come true. Screw med school, imma be famous! Everyone knows I’m about as awkward, I mean cool, as they come. 

I’d love it if I had time to find a ton of comics that have been dedicated to science geeks, but off the top of my head I know of xkcd, phdcomicsDr. McNinja, and spiked math. All hilarious and genius by the way. All super geeky as well. Shocker, given the nature of this post. But unfortunately, I am limited on my time. I’m to busy being awesome and stuff. 

I think am I quickly realizing that sarcasm isn’t translated well on paper unless you (inclusive) are an amazing writer. “Oh well,” as Katy Perry would say.

Since I know kids and their evil scheming, malicious, rabid behaviours, I know they still make fun of their peers, but for what? ((Being a hipster?)) I’m not joking though, I have no idea what there is to make fun of if everything I was made fun of for is now cool.

This is by far not the conclusion of this discussion. Unfortunately though, I have to get to studying and cadaver lab and eating like a fatty.  I have to get back to being all cool and being my really, really ridiculously good looking self.

… … …*long awkward silence* … … … Uhmmmm… *walks away*


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An illusory distraction

to your magic act.

a trick I’m not buying

for I know that poof of smoke

won’t make you vanish forever.

and that show girl

trapped in the glittery box

might as well be me

hoping the saw blade ‘s sharp

as you start hacking away.

Careful for the heart–

its needed for your next scene

where you turn colorful rags

into lovebirds flawlessly.

The gradneous applaud that ensues

is your cue to bow and disappear.

To me, you’re nothing more than illusory,

babe, to me

you’re nothing but illusory.

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