Fantastical Talent, Miss

09 Nov

I usually prove to not be a jealous person, and rather an envious one. However, at times when I see people so much younger than I, with so much more talent than I could ever hope to have, I may become a bit (lot) jealous. Don’t quote me on that. I wouldn’t want people to get some silly idea that I am a real human or anything.

Today while paying top notch attention in the lectures that are putting me overwhelmingly in debt, I happened to run across a young lady’s Flicker site who’s photography and editing skills put the majority of us to shame. And they seem to put us to shame on a consistent basis, from the quantity and quality of every photo she has posted. My favorite part about her photos are the quality of fantasy they possess. Look at me, sounding like I’m all artsy and knowing what I am talking about.

Since I can’t be talented, I might as well be the person to spread the jealousy… I mean spread the hard work and genius that someone other than myself has. I’m guessing you knew what I meant, though. Enjoy!




Posted by on November 9, 2011 in A Few of My Favorite Things


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2 responses to “Fantastical Talent, Miss

  1. Rifqi

    November 10, 2011 at 08:16

    Nice, thanks for sharing.


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