Centering Myself in the World

03 Nov

“Hah,” we all say, “when on this wonderful green Earth do you expect us to do that???” Yes, that many question marks are indicated. I am speaking about making time for ourselves, which we all should be doing. We medical students all equate this question as equal to “What is the meaning of life?”

The best part is that they are telling this to a bunch of Type A personalities who have, quite likely, never even heard of the word “break” before without it referring to a destructive verb. I’m lying, kind of. We actually have heard of it, but we have  no idea how to use it as a noun. Now, they (the behind the scenes brains of the school) are telling us we have to take these breaks or we may just fall to pieces. Imagine a beautiful jigsaw puzzle and add a young child or tornado or some equivalent. That kind of fall to pieces.

Although for most people these breaks include one (or possibly more) mood altering substances, I have found other ways to find a center to my life. I may be lying a bit. Alcohol is may or may not be a wonderful thing. (Here is where I say in moderation and on occasion like the future doctor in me should… but I may not say that this time.) My word, I ended up way off topic.

One thing I now do is during the times I become bored to the point of nearly falling asleep either in class or while studying, instead of Facebooking (it is a verb) or clicking through 964 StumbleUpon sites, I look for free stuff or coupons that are running around all over the internets. Productivity + free stuff + 1/2 procrastination + receiving mail = happy Kristin. I am still quite novice at this whole get hundreds of dollars for free stuff, but I think that a free toothpaste and occasional granola bar is a good starting place.

On a completely different note, I’ve been very happy with, and very good at, being a fatty the past week. Examples: an excess of pad thai (if that is possible), top the tater and potato chips (if you haven’t heard of this, you are missing out on all sorts of life and happiness), homemade spinach artichoke dip, homemade guacamole secret Californian recipe style, a pumpkin pie blizzard (which is amazing all in itself since I have had ZERO sweets since 4th of July due to a silly New Years resolution), and enough Halloween candy to make me sick. *wipe drool off of keyboard* Oh, and to top it off, I haven’t worked out in the past week… or three… Fatty acid synthesis FTW! I apologize for so much nerdiness in one short sentence. Please do read on, I promise I won’t do it again.

The other thing that has been important in centering myself has been organization. My mother would be so proud of me! I have the page flag thingamabobbers and post it notes with color coded messages for what I need to study, shiz I know, and things that I have no clue in the land of unicorns as to what is happening. These last ones are literally labeled “WTF MATE???” I have a calendar printed *gasp* AND the various readings, papers, and skills sets marked on appropriate dates. I have five colors of Highlighters and nine different colors of pen ink for various topics. It’s like a fricken rainbow in this binder, minus the males and plethora of riches at the end. Bummer. I think all this time spent on making things so organized that I can’t possibly not know what is going on helps, but it may just prove that all med students end up with OCD.

P.S. Although I wish to be credited with the honest genius thoughts behind this picture, I sadly cannot. Speaking of breaks, mine is long over. I did it again. I was “productive” on my “break time.” Way to go and prove my own point.


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