More Halloween Please!!

13 Oct

For those of you who didn’t start reading until recently, I am utterly and completely in love with Halloween. Unfortunately, I am having the same dilemma as I had last year. But this year, it is limited to two things.

Idea number one: I still want to be the harlequin doll that I didn’t get to be last year (which I discussed here). I actually found a costume idea for this that is reasonably priced, which increases the appeal factor, and I, naturally, have the need to at least semi-resemble a female and look all cute-sy on Halloween. Especially if I ever expect a (straight) boy to fall desperately in love with me. Don’t feel bad for laughing at that.


Idea number two: This year, I adore the idea of being a lumberjack. (Partially because I have always been fond of mustaches, and mostly because of my dad’s epic handlebar mustache that ends in helical curls.) I now own a realistic fake mustache. EXCITING! I have to admit, it has been publicly worn. Anyways, back to the point. I’m thinking a lumberjack would be an amazing costume: mustache, red and black flannel, long underwear, looking all tough when I carry an axe, drinking out of a thermos all night… looking like a maaannnn……… *sigh*

Consider this a polling session, you know, where you respond with which idea you would rather see. You might just be “lucky” enough to see me, so don’t make the wrong decision!

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One response to “More Halloween Please!!

  1. Jayne

    October 25, 2011 at 07:40

    Thanks Nothing hurt for your excellent recommendation.

    Its good to find other people who talk about my enthusiasm!


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