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Fixing the Break

At this point, any health care reform change implemented is like placing a band-aid on a broken femur; it may improve the cosmetics, however, what really needs to happen is orthopedic surgery.

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More Halloween Please!!

For those of you who didn’t start reading until recently, I am utterly and completely in love with Halloween. Unfortunately, I am having the same dilemma as I had last year. But this year, it is limited to two things.

Idea number one: I still want to be the harlequin doll that I didn’t get to be last year (which I discussed here). I actually found a costume idea for this that is reasonably priced, which increases the appeal factor, and I, naturally, have the need to at least semi-resemble a female and look all cute-sy on Halloween. Especially if I ever expect a (straight) boy to fall desperately in love with me. Don’t feel bad for laughing at that.


Idea number two: This year, I adore the idea of being a lumberjack. (Partially because I have always been fond of mustaches, and mostly because of my dad’s epic handlebar mustache that ends in helical curls.) I now own a realistic fake mustache. EXCITING! I have to admit, it has been publicly worn. Anyways, back to the point. I’m thinking a lumberjack would be an amazing costume: mustache, red and black flannel, long underwear, looking all tough when I carry an axe, drinking out of a thermos all night… looking like a maaannnn……… *sigh*

Consider this a polling session, you know, where you respond with which idea you would rather see. You might just be “lucky” enough to see me, so don’t make the wrong decision!

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My Rock (and the Water)

It is tough to be the solid foundation you are all looking for when all my supports are wasting away beneath me.


I’d hold you strong, babe, if I could, but I just can’t seem to balance on these stilts.


Must be something in the water ’round here because, boy, everyone is sick with the blues. Scratch that. Everyone is sick with the gloomy greys. They are much worse, I feel.


(Maybe when I have a life again, I will be able to expand on the numerous little snippets I have been leaving around like a wussy girl’s drama ridden Facebook status.)

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Emperor’s New Clothes

I’m wearing a new outfit, and am feeling like a stranger in my own life.

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The Best Medicine

Spending a day in bed, cuddled up with the best blanket and a magically, auto-refilling cup of vanilla soy chai lattes, repeatedly watching Wall-e is the only cure I can think of for this burnout mode I have found myself in.


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What to Do?

I promise myself that, this weekend, I will:
1. Buy groceries. Om nom nom
2. Wash my clothes so I don’t have to scavenge through my hamper and do the sniff test for Monday.
3. Wash my very well cultured dishes incubating in my sink.
4. Clean my poor turtle’s tank before he starts to hate me.
5. Not think about failing the test of doom the following week. Yay cumulative medical school finals consisting of a very plump 1″ binder of über condensed material! …NOT.


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Knight in Shining Armor

The monsters hiding under my bed are far more scary than the ones hidden under yours. But then again, maybe it’s just because you hold me and protect me from them.

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