Humor, I’ll tell ya

08 Feb

Life is funny. And not like a “haha” funny.  I don’t laugh when things are meant to be funny. Worse yet, I laugh inappropriately in negative, ironic, or horrible situations.

I’m laughing now. Remember me being all drama filled negative Nancy about some blue eyed boy? He has decided he wants to talk to me again. He wants to tell me how he made a mistake, and how he needs me to know that I was “the only good thing he had going for him.” Mind you, this was after he drunkedly messaged me at 4 a.m., sobered up, and messaged me about being heartbroken over a presumably wonderful young lady who broke up with him over a text message the day before Christmas after cheating on him… twice. The laughter starts.

At first it is more of a silent giggle, the kind that’s muffled in the back of a highschool classroom during a sexual intercourse lecture in all of it’s lame vidoes. The guilty, supressed giggle.

But then it continues. It felt good when he told me that he loved me. He never wanted to leave when the weekend was over, and he definitely did not want to go to work when I was still sleeping in his bed. This guy is a comedian! I was over eight months and three girls ago. Haha, hahahah! He wants to leave Minnesota the first chance he gets. He wants to leave this country the first chance he gets. Mexico, no Greece to live on a boat and start a new life. This is where the inappropriate, obnoxious laughter starts. The embarrassing, snorting, uncontrollable, gut laughter that leaves your abdominal muscles sore and eyes watering.

Why is it so funny? Months ago I would have been happy to hear that I am not a dreadful person. By him talking to me, I would have understood that even though we didn’t make it, I was worth it. It could have made things easier. Instead, now I am here laughing at the very things I wanted him to say about six months ago. Irony, I tell you, is a comical thing. No wonder why Shakespeare relied so heavily on it. Comedy and drama.

I know most women, or men for that fact, would not be so easily amused by such a serious situation. A blue eyed boy pouring his heart out to “the love of his life” isn’t the theme of some slap stick comedy show. It’s placed neatly into the chick flick, romance, or Disney category without a doubt. So, why am I laughing so hard? The only reason I can think of is that life is funny. And not in a “haha” sort of way. I don’t laugh when I should, and I obviously laugh when I shouldn’t.

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One response to “Humor, I’ll tell ya

  1. melissakellum

    February 8, 2011 at 23:06

    I can only tell you why I laughed when I read this- Cause revenge may be cold but so are Frappachinos and those things are sweetly delicious! What could he do but turn to the one he thought was still wrapped around his *ahem* finger and pour out some emo rant about how rough it’s been on him lately? *gigglesnorts* Please. Boy is cheesey, like White Cheddar! I think it’s halrious that most men, and some women, think that because they stomped all over you before and you let them that they should be able to do it again. And even funnier, is when they act shocked when you call them out on it- “Who me?” O.O -.- O.O -.- (<— wide innocent blinky face)
    I know the rule is supposed to be :"Do unto others as you'd have done to you":, and also Mom's favorite :"You can do what you like as long as no one gets hurt in the process": But I say Do unto others what they've done on to you and Do what you want even if someone else gets hurt because you're not resposnible for anyone's health, happiness, well being, or stability but yourself.

    Snarky I am, but hell, gotta be good at something!


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