24 Oct

With $180, I can:

1. Get my windshield repaired on my car through this guy I know.

2. Pay for six months at the gym, feel compelled to go, and get in shape.

3.  Pay for two of my medical school applications on the AACOMAS website.

4. Get that tattoo I have been wanting to get, as well as two of the piercings I have been waiting to do.

5. Pay my student loan bill for the month.

6. Buy Subway footlongs before work everyday for the next month and three days. Or pay for the next 82 gallons of my whole milk I find necessary to keep in my fridge. (That is almost one year’s worth of milk!)

7. Do more than window shop at the Mall of America

8. Fly to Cancun with enough moneys left over for some fantastic margaritas.

9. Buy a new digital camera since my is dysfunctional at the moment.

10. Or I could meet up with some guy who doesn’t offer to pay for my part of the meal, moreless his; lock my keys in my car and have to pay for an after hour locksmith in the expensive part of town; and get pulled over by the police for a bad bulb next to the rear license plate. Lovely life.

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