Halloween Please!

20 Oct

In my world, Halloween should be celebrated far more than once a year. Yes, I have heard of various zombie apocalypses and dress like a pirate days but dressing up to be someone and something you secretly want to be shouldn’t be limited to one day. At least it isn’t for me.

Fact #1 about Kristin: I don’t conform to one style. If you were to look through my closet (with my knowledge and permission to be less creepy), you would see that I have a range from Hot Topic to Express, Wet Seal to Ralph Lauren and DKNY, all of which is organized in an OCD fashion according to color.

Fact #2 about Kristin: I love high fashion photography. I often have make up parties and play dress up, usually by myself. They naturally are followed by self portrait photography. Maybe as time goes on I will be compelled to post the end results of such events. I am going to insert a small pitch for a talented young lady’s Flickr site I ran across and am now in love with her work. ( I suggest you check it out, and prepare to be in awe. But I digress…

Halloween! I usually put a lot of thought into costumes and either sew or search in retail stores for the essential pieces of the my costume and finish off the details with the chintzy Halloween products. This year I have my heart set on being a Harlequin doll. This is the look I want to go for, but I am having a difficult time finding any not uber revealing leotard, or something remotely warm enough for Oct/Nov Minnesota weather, with a diamond /argyle type print on it. And with how busy my life has been I am not about to dedicate 20 hours of my life to get a satisfactory DIY, neglecting the fact that my sewing machine is over eight hours away.

I am a huge fan of the blood, guts, and gore scene of Halloween too. Coming from a medical background, I tend to be hypercritical and want everything to be as realistic as I see in the emergency department. Blood that is too red and watery, cuts too cheesy, and cheap plastic bones just don’t do it for me. I have always wanted to experiment with the liquid latex to obtain perfect results, just for fun. If you are thinking, “Jeez woman, it is just a costume,” you are right. And you probably would get quite angry with me if we ever sat down to watch Grey’s Anatomy, House, or any of the Saw movies.

There is always the classic costumes available: schoolgirl, nurse, angel/devil, some military themed costume, or bug/butterfly/bee. Sadly, or maybe excitedly, I already have everything I would need in my closet for any of these.

I have also considered being completely unoriginal and doing the Lady Gaga thing. I just don’t want to even possibly insult crazy fashion by making it a choice for Halloween costumes. But who doesn’t want to be able to pull of the things she does everyday at least once in his/her life?

Then, browsing the endless isles of costumes, I always fall in love with the wigs and fake eyelashes, but perhaps mostly with the fake mustaches. This year when all the left over Halloween stuff goes on sale, I am definitely going to clear out that type of stock. I don’t exactly have plans for them yet but knowing me, they will be used more than once.

Fact #3 about Kristin: I’m indecisive.


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