Love, I guess?

16 Oct

To catch everyone up on my, err, … love life I have a 20 second version:

1. I find a cute, blue eyed boy. I like him. He likes me. I asked Santa for a blue eyed boy for Christmas and got one!

2. We were perfect for each other every day of the year and a half we dated long distance. Well, two hours away long distance.  He wanted us to move in together. He can’t move to see me; I can’t move because of school. But we were happy with the distance and found any moment we could to visit each other and have long phone conversations.

3. Blue eyed boy and my relationship starts getting distant with no reason why. I ask why and he states he doesn’t know but wants to make things work. He loves me and has never met a girl as perfect as me, and I love him and am more than happy with my Blue eyed boy.

4. Less than one week after the above mentioned conversation, Blue eyed boy no longer wants to do the distance thing. My heart breaks, but he says “I love you and I still want to be friends.” I don’t reply. Okay, that’s a lie because I said, “Bye, Blue eyed boy.”

Okay, now that everyone is caught up, I will continue. This Blue eyed boy continues to chase any girl that is willing to flirt with him. He finds a girl that is less than 45 minutes of a drive away from me. My heart breaks. “Bye, Blue eyed boy.” She decides he isn’t worth the distance, so he chaces his player high school crush. My heart breaks. “Bye, Blue eyed boy”. But she is a player, and decides she can’t decide on one boy. So he decides to chace a girl he is in the military with that lives futher away than me, and apparently catches her. “Bye, Blue eyed boy. I loved you.” She falls head over heals for him, just the way I did. She states there is no other man sweeter than him. You want to know why?

1. When he tells you goodnight and sweet dreams, think of me. I told him that, and he got that from me.

2. When he tells you you are cute, think of me and every other girl he has chased. Trust me, it is not just you he thinks is cute.

3. When he sends you flowers, think of me. He would bring me flowers every time I forgot to tell him not to.

4. If he wants to tell you a secret, think of me. I told him a secret that I liked him. I told him the secret that I loved him. I told him the secret that I wanted to marry him.

5. When he tells you that he would do anything for you, think of me. He would do anything for me, well, that is until I asked. On the same page, if he tells you that no matter how far away he is that he will always be there for you– yes, think of me.

6. If he goes out of his way to send you a text message saying “Hope you are having a good day,” think of me. Yes, I sent him those every break I knew he was getting. 10 o’clock. Noon. and 3 o’clock.

With that being said, I hope he is happy. I hope he needs to have a girl in his life so that he doesn’t think of me. I hope that he finds love where he looks, but I also hope my name gets added to that list titled “Girls I Wish I Would Have Married” that he has started already.

As for me, I can’t say that I haven’t found love. I have. I love myself and am happy being single. I love everyone I call a friend, and I’d like to think that they love me back. ****, I know they love me back. But that isn’t going to stop me from asking Santa for a Blue eyed boy again this Christmas…

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