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With $180, I can:

1. Get my windshield repaired on my car through this guy I know.

2. Pay for six months at the gym, feel compelled to go, and get in shape.

3.  Pay for two of my medical school applications on the AACOMAS website.

4. Get that tattoo I have been wanting to get, as well as two of the piercings I have been waiting to do.

5. Pay my student loan bill for the month.

6. Buy Subway footlongs before work everyday for the next month and three days. Or pay for the next 82 gallons of my whole milk I find necessary to keep in my fridge. (That is almost one year’s worth of milk!)

7. Do more than window shop at the Mall of America

8. Fly to Cancun with enough moneys left over for some fantastic margaritas.

9. Buy a new digital camera since my is dysfunctional at the moment.

10. Or I could meet up with some guy who doesn’t offer to pay for my part of the meal, moreless his; lock my keys in my car and have to pay for an after hour locksmith in the expensive part of town; and get pulled over by the police for a bad bulb next to the rear license plate. Lovely life.

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Halloween Please!

In my world, Halloween should be celebrated far more than once a year. Yes, I have heard of various zombie apocalypses and dress like a pirate days but dressing up to be someone and something you secretly want to be shouldn’t be limited to one day. At least it isn’t for me.

Fact #1 about Kristin: I don’t conform to one style. If you were to look through my closet (with my knowledge and permission to be less creepy), you would see that I have a range from Hot Topic to Express, Wet Seal to Ralph Lauren and DKNY, all of which is organized in an OCD fashion according to color.

Fact #2 about Kristin: I love high fashion photography. I often have make up parties and play dress up, usually by myself. They naturally are followed by self portrait photography. Maybe as time goes on I will be compelled to post the end results of such events. I am going to insert a small pitch for a talented young lady’s Flickr site I ran across and am now in love with her work. ( I suggest you check it out, and prepare to be in awe. But I digress…

Halloween! I usually put a lot of thought into costumes and either sew or search in retail stores for the essential pieces of the my costume and finish off the details with the chintzy Halloween products. This year I have my heart set on being a Harlequin doll. This is the look I want to go for, but I am having a difficult time finding any not uber revealing leotard, or something remotely warm enough for Oct/Nov Minnesota weather, with a diamond /argyle type print on it. And with how busy my life has been I am not about to dedicate 20 hours of my life to get a satisfactory DIY, neglecting the fact that my sewing machine is over eight hours away.

I am a huge fan of the blood, guts, and gore scene of Halloween too. Coming from a medical background, I tend to be hypercritical and want everything to be as realistic as I see in the emergency department. Blood that is too red and watery, cuts too cheesy, and cheap plastic bones just don’t do it for me. I have always wanted to experiment with the liquid latex to obtain perfect results, just for fun. If you are thinking, “Jeez woman, it is just a costume,” you are right. And you probably would get quite angry with me if we ever sat down to watch Grey’s Anatomy, House, or any of the Saw movies.

There is always the classic costumes available: schoolgirl, nurse, angel/devil, some military themed costume, or bug/butterfly/bee. Sadly, or maybe excitedly, I already have everything I would need in my closet for any of these.

I have also considered being completely unoriginal and doing the Lady Gaga thing. I just don’t want to even possibly insult crazy fashion by making it a choice for Halloween costumes. But who doesn’t want to be able to pull of the things she does everyday at least once in his/her life?

Then, browsing the endless isles of costumes, I always fall in love with the wigs and fake eyelashes, but perhaps mostly with the fake mustaches. This year when all the left over Halloween stuff goes on sale, I am definitely going to clear out that type of stock. I don’t exactly have plans for them yet but knowing me, they will be used more than once.

Fact #3 about Kristin: I’m indecisive.


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Love, I guess?

To catch everyone up on my, err, … love life I have a 20 second version:

1. I find a cute, blue eyed boy. I like him. He likes me. I asked Santa for a blue eyed boy for Christmas and got one!

2. We were perfect for each other every day of the year and a half we dated long distance. Well, two hours away long distance.  He wanted us to move in together. He can’t move to see me; I can’t move because of school. But we were happy with the distance and found any moment we could to visit each other and have long phone conversations.

3. Blue eyed boy and my relationship starts getting distant with no reason why. I ask why and he states he doesn’t know but wants to make things work. He loves me and has never met a girl as perfect as me, and I love him and am more than happy with my Blue eyed boy.

4. Less than one week after the above mentioned conversation, Blue eyed boy no longer wants to do the distance thing. My heart breaks, but he says “I love you and I still want to be friends.” I don’t reply. Okay, that’s a lie because I said, “Bye, Blue eyed boy.”

Okay, now that everyone is caught up, I will continue. This Blue eyed boy continues to chase any girl that is willing to flirt with him. He finds a girl that is less than 45 minutes of a drive away from me. My heart breaks. “Bye, Blue eyed boy.” She decides he isn’t worth the distance, so he chaces his player high school crush. My heart breaks. “Bye, Blue eyed boy”. But she is a player, and decides she can’t decide on one boy. So he decides to chace a girl he is in the military with that lives futher away than me, and apparently catches her. “Bye, Blue eyed boy. I loved you.” She falls head over heals for him, just the way I did. She states there is no other man sweeter than him. You want to know why?

1. When he tells you goodnight and sweet dreams, think of me. I told him that, and he got that from me.

2. When he tells you you are cute, think of me and every other girl he has chased. Trust me, it is not just you he thinks is cute.

3. When he sends you flowers, think of me. He would bring me flowers every time I forgot to tell him not to.

4. If he wants to tell you a secret, think of me. I told him a secret that I liked him. I told him the secret that I loved him. I told him the secret that I wanted to marry him.

5. When he tells you that he would do anything for you, think of me. He would do anything for me, well, that is until I asked. On the same page, if he tells you that no matter how far away he is that he will always be there for you– yes, think of me.

6. If he goes out of his way to send you a text message saying “Hope you are having a good day,” think of me. Yes, I sent him those every break I knew he was getting. 10 o’clock. Noon. and 3 o’clock.

With that being said, I hope he is happy. I hope he needs to have a girl in his life so that he doesn’t think of me. I hope that he finds love where he looks, but I also hope my name gets added to that list titled “Girls I Wish I Would Have Married” that he has started already.

As for me, I can’t say that I haven’t found love. I have. I love myself and am happy being single. I love everyone I call a friend, and I’d like to think that they love me back. ****, I know they love me back. But that isn’t going to stop me from asking Santa for a Blue eyed boy again this Christmas…

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Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt.

“Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt.” – Kurt Vonnegut

Today when searching for tattoo ideas, I remembered this quote and it seemed to compel me less toward tattoos and more toward evaluating my life. When have I ever taken chances? I thought endlessly only to find that I did not have any accomplishment that wasn’t a bit forcefully nudged by a friend, coworker, or mentor. Sure, I have done things with my life. But in all honesty, doesn’t everyone think they have lived to their fullest potential?

Of course, this thought went meandering off into a spiderweb of topics. I tried to justify myself by having been to Montana and skied in the mountains. Or standing where Martin Luther King, Jr. stood when he gave his infamous “I have a dream” speech. Possibly by somehow managing to get scientifically published (but this was more by accident and luck than anything). I have graduated from a decent private college, once again possibly by luck. I have eaten sushi, lutefisk, and several other concoctions people decide are on lists to try. Granted I have yet to cross off any major travels, swimming in the ocean, or skydiving, but I still feel quite unaccomplished for my age. Gosh, I make myself sound old with that statement. Let me rephrase. For being 22, I could definitely done far more with my life than I have.

Which, in a very round about way, leads me to why I am creating a blog. One of the things on my list is to write a book. At this point things are quite vague, no plans or topics have been chosen. I started thinking: “I should probably figure out if people actually want to hear what I have to say!” Whoa, what a concept. What if I spent years toiling over what I would call a masterpiece just to find out that no bloke would waste his/her time reading my piece of **** work? (I always do my best to censor myself. I figure it is easy to swear. It takes patience and restraint to refrain.) Anyways, then this eureka, blinding sunshine down from the sky moment happened right as the little thought bubble popped out of my ear saying “BLOG”. Being me, I did all I could to talk myself out of it, but at this point all possible cons became very lame sounding. And, well, here I am at my ex’s computer that he decided I needed to have, wants back, but cannot manage to find time to pick up. Lovely life.

If you managed to read this far, I will promise you this. This is only my first blog; they will get better. I want to create this conscious thought flow that corresponds with my emotions, my life, my trials, more than likely, my triumphs. I promise to be honest. (I may add a touch of sarcasm and exaggeration. Just saying.) What I hope to gain is critical feedback. What you, as my readers, want to see or read about, as well as what can be improved. You see, I am wanting to write this book…


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